Graphic Designer/Alt Spotter:

Michael "Uncle Buck" Bulloch

AKA "TPB" ,AKA "Dog Door Bandit"

Michael (Uncle Buck) Bulloch was born on April 23, 1970 in Farmington, NM. Where he lives to this day. He is an artist and graphic designer. His medium of choice is watercolor and you can check out his paintings at
Mike got his official start in four wheeling in high school, when his friend Del Holder bought a vintage Ford Bronco. Along with Garrett Sisson he and Del took the bronco out and drove it down Stair steps a local obstacle here in Farmington. Mike remembers that he and Del were a little nervous (Del actually opened the door and stuck his butt out to counter balance the vehicle) when the rear driver side tire left the ground. “It felt like it was 6 feet in the air, but was probably all of 5 to 10 inches off the ground.” Unlike Del, Garret was leaning forward saying “COOL I wish we had a camera!” Mike’s opinion of tires coming off the ground has changed quite a bit since then. If fact if he can’t get at least one tire to catch a little air he is usually a bit disappointed.
After bumming four wheeling rides with Garrett Sisson for a while in his CJ5 Mike decided that it was time to buy a 4x4 of his own, he chose a 1970 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 with a Chevy 305. A vehicle that he has been in love with since he was 4 years old. His first ride in an FJ40 was on a family camping trip in Colorado along with the Hirst Family. The Hirsts took everyone for a site seeing ride in their brand new FJ40, and Mike just loved it. A lot on the old ‘Cruiser has changed since he bought it and he is still not finished with it. Maybe someday.
In the 1999-2000 Mike got his start in the competitive side of rock crawling when he became a judge for the American Rock Crawlers Association and was chosen to be one of the permanent traveling judges for the 2001 season. He stayed on as a judge until the end of the 2003 season of RCAA. Also during the 2003 season he competed as a spotter for Team Monsterslayer with John Foutz driving. They did fairly well in the modified stock class of the ProRock series finishing in the top ten of each event they competed in. They also competed in the Super Stock class in the World Championship Super Crawl II and came in 11th.
Mike is excited about being the alternate spotter for Team She-J and even got a little seat time during the 2004 season. He accidentally rolled the first She-J at the UROC Cedar City event in 2004. Mike looks forward to any time Amy and Steve lets him compete.