Steve " Pig Pen" Bulloch

Steve Bulloch grew up around 4-wheeling starting when he was 12 or 13 years old driving around in his brothers 1971,72,73,74 Toyota land Cruiser with no lockers standard transmission and 4 bald 31" tires just trying to keep up with the big boys, he finally got his first 4X4 a 1979 Full size Chevy truck, but that was not his first love it was the full size bronco that really caught his eye so that is what he is drives today. Steve has a great love for this sport and will do anything to see it grow to it's full potential.

Steve has Competed in in the 2002 Seassion as a spotter in RCAA, UROC, ProRock, events with Driver Cathy Baucom, with a top ten Finish in the Oklahoma Pro rock event. Steve also Drove the She-j in Cal Roc's last event held in Farmington Oct. 10th-11th and took 4th.

In 2004 Amy had to sit out the rest of the year due to her have Steve and amys First Child : Jordan Tyler". Steve Jumped in the driver seat and with the help of his brother michael they completed the season . they didn't do all that well but they made it to the super crawl and ended up finishing 14th. So for the 2005 year Steve teamed up with Ashton Himphill and had a great year with a finish in Super Crawl IV in 2nd place, Then Steve and Ashton teamed up again for the 2006 season taking home 4th in the UROC Pro Series and claming another 2nd place in Super Crawl V.