THE 2004 SHE-J

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The Frame from Advanced Frame Works showed up 1/17/04 so we wasted no time putting it up on the jeg to get started with Team She-J new 2004 competition She-J.

The frame is a stock replacement TJ frame rails from Advanced Frame Works We ordered just the TJ frame rails so it would be better to mount all the custom brackets and rollbar to it. But if you need a frame they have everything you need including all brackets and body mounts.

For more information about these frames check out Advanced Frame Works or give them a call at (406)-538-4996

Fiberglass TJ Cowl

Here you can see the custom fiberglass cowl that we made up to cut out some of the weight. This will also make it for easy replacement to keep the She-J looking good. This Cowl is only 48" Wide.

Motor Mockup

Here you can see we got the motor, transmission, and transfer case ready for mockup .
The Motor is a LT1, The transmission is a 700R4, and the transfer case is a Atlas transfer case.
You can also see that we installed the new hedders Thanks to Hedman Hedders of Cerritos, CA. These hedders fit snug against the motor, which is a just what we need since there is not a lot of room between the frame rails.
We also tried out a mock TJ hood to see how this will look as Amy crawled up and checked it out from the drivers seat.

For hedder info contact Heddman Hedders (562) 921-0404