Team She-J would like to welcome Maxxis Tires to our team , " We are very excited about being part of the Maxxis Tire team Said driver Steve Bulloch "we have always admired the way Maxxis Tire runs there business and the way they treat there sponsored teams at each event, we feel very Proud to be part of this team.

Team she-J will be competing in the Pro Rock Series for 2007 Team she-J also has plains to build a rig just for the XRRA Rock Racing 2008 series, so keep your eyes out for that Build up on Team She-J web site

After taking 4th in the UROC series and 2nd two years in a row at Super Crawl IV and V has really pushed Team She-J to want more. "We want the title and will not stop until we get it! " said super star spotter Ashton Hemphill. "We feel with a great company like Maxxis Tires now behind our team we will be even more competitive and push the limits even harder" Said driver Steve Bulloch

Maxxis has really made a statement in the sport of rock Crawling and Rock Racing in the last few years showing that there tires are very competitive and they are here to stay. Even when Team She-J was running another companies tire, Maxxis was always willing to help out our team in anything we needed. So there was no question this is the Company we would like to be partners with.

So Team she-J would really like to thank Maxxis Tires for this opportunity and we fell this is going to be the beginning of a great Partnership.