So you want to know what Rockcrawling is all about?

Rockcrawling is actually the fastest growing motor sport in the world.  It is four wheel drive vehicles of an extreme nature going over the most incredible obstacles imaginable.  Sixty degree walls and greater, eight foot crevasses, and tremendous side hills are bringing thousands of spectators to enjoy a day with their family. It has everything a motor sports enthusiast would want, the sounds and smells, the pits, the competition and the carnage.The professional side of the sport started in 1999 with the Rockcrawlers' Association of America (RCAA) formation of a point driven series.  The first event drew nearly six thousand spectators.  Immediately Goodyear jumped on board and has never left.  Five years later, the two super giants in the marketing and promotional end of the rockcrawling world, RCAA and The United Rockcrawling and Off-Road Challenge (UROC), have become one.   Between these two, giant steps have been made in the sport.  For 2004 the First man made corse in Saltlake city's Rocky Mountan Raceway was reveled for the Supercrawl III, and for 2005 you should see even more of these man made events poping up all over the US.  The New UROC series will feature Five Pro National Events and eight Regional championship events around the country.  At the end of it all, the World Championship SuperCrawl!  Better still; the events will be televised on stations like The Speed Channel, ESPN and/or others.

  The Pro Nationals is where the big dogs run bringing the best of the best from around the country and beyond to compete for top dollars in purse and contingent support in a five event series.  with two Classes the Modified class and the Super Modified.

The Modified class where Team she-J runs is to build vehicles that the general population can relate to, vehicles that look like OEM vehicles. At the same time, these vehicles will be given enough leeway in their design to allow modification to be made that afford extreme performance in rockcrawling. The goal of UROC is to utilize this class to build the off-road industry by invoking a desire by the masses to build up their own vehicles for the purpose of recreational and competitive off-roading. In our opinion the best class out there!

The Super Modified Class is more open almost anything gose with the exception of safty issues.

The eight Regional championship events are where someone can get there start in the sport, They have both East and west Events. and the top teams of these series will meet the Pro's at the Super Crawl. The Regional championship also have the two classes Modified and Super Modified.

How Rock Crawling works

Unlike the score of Off Road events, like the Baja 2000, these rock crawling events are not contests based upon speed, but on driving skill. Each event throughout the season has a series of obstacles which the teams have to guide their vehicles over and around. Each team consists of a driver and a spotter. The driver is responsible for piloting the vehicle through the obstacle, the spotter for guiding the driver. The spotter gives the driver advice on where to go, as well as helping to stack rocks, push and pull the vehicle, and hook up the winch when needed.
Beginning the event with zero points, teams try to traverse each obstacle accumulating the least amount of points possible. Every obstacle has a time limit and gates the driver must navigate. If the vehicle or spotter knocks over a gate, stops for longer than four (4) seconds or intentionally reverses the vehicle, they receive a specified amount of points. The team with the fewest points after two days of competition is the winner.